AOS Landscaping Growing the Extra Mile

Our Core Values


  • Balance – We recognize the importance of faith, family, and work.
  • Discernment – We want to equip one another to make good decisions.
  • Safety – We only have one body.


  • Positive work culture and structure – Culture is important to us. We want a team striving together.
  • Strategic and Visionary – A clear vision paves the way for a team working together.


  • Our reputation in our industry and community
  • Honest and fair business practices


  • Humility – We want to develop leaders who are willing to go the extra mile and don’t care about the credit.
  • Innovative – Our world is constantly changing and we want to lead the way in our industry.
  • Recognize and maximize potential and abilities – We like to promote from within. We’d rather develop leaders than acquire them.

Our Mission Statement:  

To Be A Professional Team Dedicated To Growing Relationships By Delivering Quality Service!