AOS Landscaping Growing the Extra Mile

Water Features

Why not add some life to your landscape with a pond or waterfall?  A water feature may be just the focal point that your landscape needs or the vacation getaway that you need when you only have a few hours. There’s no sound as soothing, after a hard day of work, than the sound of water cascading off rocks. At AOS, we love to get our feet wet and we’re sure you will too. No feature has the ability to transform a landscape quite like a waterfall.

“AOS has been an integral part of our home landscaping, design and annual maintenance work since 2007. We have built an outstanding relationship with the entire staff of this company. About 6 years ago they designed and completed our backyard patio, landscaping and water feature. Prior to that, AOS was only responsible for annual maintenance of our lawn. It was from those first few years of lawn maintenance that we became 100% comfortable with AOS.”

– Alfred L.